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About us

About us

Marbet Design

Home is a place where we should feel at ease and comfortable, which is why it is so important that its arrangement reflects our personality and lifestyle.

Wanting to inspire others to introduce interesting solutions in interiors, since 1980 we have been producing stucco, including moldings, rosettes and decorative 3D panels. Our offer also includes a wide selection of wall decorations, including: lamellas, upholstered panels and many other decorative elements that will be perfect for various types of interiors. Based on the best decorative traditions, we combine them with current trends and creative concepts of our clients.

At Marbet Design, we know how important it is for our interiors to be unique and cozy, which is why we offer products that will fully express the creativity and individuality of our customers. Our products are perfect for many arrangements as the perfect finishing element for any space.

We are a family company with entirely Polish capital. Our extensive portfolio includes diverse products available in a wide range of designs, colors and sizes. What they all have in common is functionality, aesthetics, as well as affordable price and easy installation.

The production of decorative elements has no secrets for us, and our extensive machinery allows us to use various ways of forming them. Thanks to injection, extrusion and pressing technology, our wall strips, rosettes and coffers are created.

The knowledge and skills of our technologists, production engineers and machine operators translate into great flexibility in responding to market needs and the ability to adapt technology to individual needs. Thanks to this, we can produce products of various shapes that combine precise workmanship and excellent quality.