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Woodline lamella panels – new arrangement possibilities

Panele lamelowe WOODLINE

In the dynamically developing world of interior design, the search for innovative and aesthetically attractive solutions has become a priority for many decorators and architects. Woodline lamella panels, thanks to their elegant design and wide range of applications, open new horizons in the personalization of residential and commercial spaces.

Woodline lamella panels

Woodline is an impressive collection of lamella panels on felt that combines elegance and functionality. The collection includes panels in four practical sizes: 300×2700 mm, 400×2700 mm, 300×300 mm and 400×400 mm. Various color versions are available - black and gray felt and slats in shades of white, matt black, dark oak, light oak, Sonoma oak and olive.

Unlimited arrangement possibilities

Woodline lamella panels are extremely universal. They can be used to cover entire walls, selected wall fragments or even parts of ceilings. Their three-dimensional structure not only visually enriches the space, but also allows for creative masking of wall imperfections, which is especially valuable in older buildings.

Thanks to Woodline panels, you can easily display different parts of your apartment:

  • In the kitchen: they are perfect for creating a unique dining corner.
  • In the living room: create a work space or relaxation place with a unique background.
  • In bedroom: panels placed behind the headboard add warmth and style, creating a cozy background for rest.

Why is it worth choosing Woodline lamella panels?

  • Aesthetics and style: Modern design and a variety of colors allow it to fit into any interior.
  • Functionality: An ideal solution for masking wall imperfections and as an acoustic insulator thanks to the felt structure.
  • Versatility of applications: The possibility of application on walls and ceilings opens up new arrangement possibilities.
  • Ease of installation: The panels are designed for ease of installation, which benefits both amateurs and professionals.
Panele lamelowe Woodline w salonie

More than decoration

Woodline lamella panels are more than just decoration - they are a comprehensive solution that transforms the space, adding character and functionality to it. Whether you are planning to renovate your home or want to add style to your commercial spaces, Woodline offers products that will surely meet your expectations.

Discover the full potential of Woodline lamella panels and transform your interior into a place that will inspire you every day. Check out available designs in our online store